Monday, August 8, 2011

Jewelry and pearls

When I find the time, which hasn't been often lately, I make jewelry and big quilts. I find it relaxing to have something to do when I watch tv or a movie. So maybe it will be more of that when I move and start my new job. I should do a little more yoga to. I feel how I get more and more stiff and I don't like it. You can do a lot more if you're flexible and your body don't break so easy.

I belive you should be glad for the little things. So today I was glad that I finally got running water in my kitchen and just 3 days before I move. Better late than not at all I say. Tomorrow I will donate some stuff to charity and have a little less clutter in my life. Feels good.

Now my bed is screaming for me. Good night and good luck!
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