Friday, February 10, 2012


Finally I found I cat I like. I have known what kind of breed I want for a long time and now I've found a kitten a nice big smoke maine coon with a little white under his chin. And the time is right. No allergic pepole around and no cat-haters. The later is actually worse in my book. You can choose to hate cats but allergies aren't your choise. But I can see why some people hate cat though. Especially the ones that run free outside. Those cats run and pee everywhere they please. But that is the essence of cat. They know what they aren't allowed to do but do them anyway just for the spite of it and you can see that they know they done something wrong. They are a bit like small children looking to do mischief when they are bored or want attention. But I love them anyway. Got a birman cat since before but when I moved he stayed with my parents. That was mothers idea and dad has no say in the matter haha... Mum's the boss
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