Monday, March 19, 2012


Everyone with internet that are a part of a community like facebook know that there are a lot of weird people online. I've had my fair share of them. Like guys you've never met that tells you they love you and want to marry you. Both flattering and scary. Or the ones that start a conversation with "Ur hot. Wanna fuck" or something like that. Just yesterday I had someone contact me just for my screenname. Something he said he never did otherwise. Could have been fun knowing him a little better but yesterday I was in bed all evening with a terrible backache almost crying and he didn't have the patience I want in a man. He got a little angry when a took my time answering and accused me of chatting with others which I didn't. No one needs someone like that in their life. The people you choose to be part of your life should make you feel better.

And now the snow is falling again. We want spring.....
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