Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Keeping my fingers crossed.....

I have, today, an inspiration to make dresses but to do it properly you should wash the fabric first, which I'm doing right now. Here's comes my predicament.....the fabric won't be dry until tomorrow..... When tomorrow comes, as a day off work, will the inspiration still be there?? or is the fabric gonna go back into the pile it came from?

I hope I still have the muse because I was thinking of making an empire dress in peach faux silk and grey lace. I was thinking to modify this pattern a bit and make it a wrap dress. Not a big fan of sewing in zippers.

I got this pattern of ebay last year thinking I was gonna try and sew my own wedding dress. That didn't happen. I think mainly because I didn't find any nice fabrics for it. 

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